“If God was Photographer he’d still be second best!”
20 years worth of work by cult American photographer David LaChapelle will take over a building usually used to display French coins and medals. His over the top style became synonymous during the rise of celebrity culture as his work reflected everything that the new dawn of celebrity represented; sex, drugs, money, greed, high-fashion and excess of all kinds. Although it’s become his calling card he has since moved on to different themes of a more serious nature such as natural disasters, war and the media, spirituality and consumption and his choices for the work to display seem to indicate that he’s aiming for more attention and plaudits on the new angle his career has taken.

David LaChapelle: Retrospective at the Monnaie de Paris, Paris.

6th of Feburary – 31st of May.


LaChapelle’s work is regularly displayed in museums all over the world but this collection is the largest and most prolific of a man who helped create an age whilst making fun of it.


All images © David LaChapelle

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