TRC Print And Brand Consultancy

Over the last seven years the riot club has developed in more ways than one, from blogging and designing a brand to now developing a printing and brand consultancy to help you with anything and everything to do with your label. TRC Print and Brand Consultancy have the capability to apply substantial knowledge and technology as we have worked with some of the largest names in the industry. Including Skate and Snowboard Brands to lifestyle and retail industries. Within TRC you can trust your label will be in good hands.

TRC thrive on the very highest standards of work, as we have some of the most experienced staff combined with using the best equipment and consumables available! Our Brand consultancy allows you to see the variety of garments we can access. Throughout the consultation process we will obtain knowledge on what you require and advise your brand on the garments, which meet your specification. Whether it’s our best seller or a bespoke garment you require we will work together to guarantee its what you want.

We operate on M&R fully automatic 12-colour machines allowing us to be able to print up to 60,000 garments per week and using all techniques of print including Full Colour, Discharge, Halftones, Spot Colours, Water based, and Soft Plastisol to mention a few. TRC do not just print we have a full embroidery service using Tajima machines running 55 heads with a capacity of 2,750 garments per hour.

We understand the finishing touches are important to you and the smallest details make your brand unique. TRC offer a full re-labelling service, which is ideal for retail and brands, woven labels, tagless labels, hang tags. Once you have your completed garment TRC Print and Brand Consultancy will polly bag your items individually to ensure your brand has its final touch.

TRC Print and Brand consultancy is versatile; with a minimum of 20 garments we will dedicate our full attention to your brand. Please contact use with your orders or enquiries, we will ensure your brand is fully looked after.

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