Street Casuals have recently added Stereo Sound Agency (previously called Stereo Skateboards) to their brood of brands. The Halcyon days of late 1970′s Skate culture return with the Stereo vinyl cruisers. Stereo Skateboards, now called Stereo Sound Agency, was founded in 1992 by Jason “My name is Earl” Lee and Chris Pastras. These two long term mates felt that the skate industry had become bland and was missing a more creative and inspiring label. The Stereo brand was born and over the last two decades has grown into one of the biggest and most influential skate brands on the market. With a simple ethos to produce classic, timeless and original products they have managed to keep the brand on top; no mean feet in this day and age.

The Vinyl cruisers are the last skate craze, and have come about by the two owners’ love for collecting original “Banana Boards” from their early skating days in the late 1970′s. They both still ride these original, collectable decks and the idea came about to produce a range of their own Vinyl cruisers, inspired by music, skating and generally having fun. The Vinyl cruiser boards have a circular pattern on the top referencing acetate from music records. The inspiration for the design and styling can be directly traced to old American Blues and Jazz records and the creative genius in many of these old record designs and sleeves.

Whether it is getting around town, cruising to a bar or skating around the university campus, Stereo Vinyl cruisers are a perfect ready to roll skate board. The simple and colourful designs will turn heads and they are small enough to pop in your locker or in the back of your car.

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