PUMA have joined forces with multi-dimensional streetwear brand Staple Design and their iconic founder, jeffstaple, to launch the PUMA x Staple Design Pigeon Suede.  The highly anticipated sneaker release is centered around one of PUMA’s most prominent and renowned silhouettes:  the Suede, which was exclusively made in Japan for this collaboration.  

Based in New York City, Staple Design began in 1997 and is today comprised of three main divisions:  a clothing brand, a creative agency, and the Reed Space retail store & Reed Pages publication.  Staple Design is globally recognised as one of the most well respected brands and leading creators for perfectly mixing street-minded sensibilities with high-end sophistication within street culture, art, fashion, sports, and multimedia platforms. 

Organically inspired by mutual admiration for what is classic, the collaboration between PUMA and Staple Design was not about what is on trend at the moment or will be on trend in the future, but more so about what is and will be timeless.

“I don’t follow trends.  Ever.  I purposely mute myself to them,” states jeffstaple.  “Our world renowned Staple Pigeon has become a brand onto itself and has had a beloved following for the past decade.  We strive to attach the Pigeon to silhouettes that stand the test of time. The PUMA Suede is without a question, one of the most important shoes in all of sneaker history.”

A cultural renegade since 1968, the PUMA Suede is a shoe that continues to be a crowd pleaser and PUMA’s most reputable sneaker of sport-inspired style.  The PUMA x Staple Pigeon Suede takes cues from the Pigeon and its organic nature with the use of suede, leather and trim materials that have a natural touch.  The ‘Made in Japan’ signature was a special homage to jeffstaple’s very close kin relationship to Japan, his second home.  The PUMA x Staple Pigeon Suede is the first of several upcoming special projects designed to commemorate the 45th Anniversary of the PUMA Suede.  

The PUMA x Staple Design Pigeon Suede will be available in extremely limited numbers from HANON and END on May 3rd, 2013 
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